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What is CAREON and what problem does it solve?

CAREON blockchain platform is develop for interaction between researchers, developer and hybrid vehicle manufactures. Thus making whole world a RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT centre for this upcoming technology.

CAREON chain platform will unite all the research work from throughout the world and provide the best of it to automotive sector manufacturers. It is decentralize network that allows storage of all research work from college projects to Scientifically proven research for development of hybrid technology in automotive sector

Careonchain is the upcoming ico in july and august 2018, Investors are welcomed to invest in this ICO

Cryptocurrency ICO to invest in 2018 whcih is based on blockchain

The Concept

Consept of careonchain is to be the best coin of july and august 2018

CAREONchain is the first blockchain
Operating Platform for Hybrid Car Technology & its Research & Development

How This Data Will Be Useful

careon chain is the cryptocurrency which will help in the research of hybrid cars
API will be developed later which will be based on blockchain after the ICO is done

careonchain will soon develop a mobile application based on blockchain after the ICO in july and august

Our Vision

Hybrid Cars Market Estimated to Reach US $200 BILLION by 2020; Global Industry

Why will the demand for the REO Coin grow?

CAREON is focused on the hybrid vehicle sector and its importance in our everyday lives. We all need to travel to different places from day to day for different purpose and many do easily 4 – 5 times per day, 365 days per year, for an average of 80 years.
We believe that fuel (diesel, petrol, coal, etc) drives the different vehicles and thus causes 85% of earth air pollutions which is directly or indirectly affecting human life and atmosphere and causes global warming.
Apart from clean water, access to adequate CLEAN air is the primary concern for most people on the Earth.
The governments in various countries are also encouraging the adoption of hybrid cars by mandating stringent emission standards and providing various incentives and subsidies to buyers, which is likely to reflect positively on the sales of these vehicles in the near future. The global market for hybrid cars, which stood at US$102.88 bn in 2015, is anticipated to touch US$398.90 bn by 2024, rising at a CAGR of 16.50% between 2016 and 2024.
best upcoming ico to invest
careonchain is the 1st ICO which is looking forward to reduce pollution and shifting the world for the use of hybrid cars

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose an Hybrid Car

check box for ICO in july 2018 All petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040.
check box for best ICO in july 2018 More and more green incentives.
check box for upcoming ICO in august 2018 Save money on fuel, tax, and running costs
check box for best upcoming ICO in july 2018 More and more charging points are being built
check box for ICO in august 2018 Technology has never been better

CAREONchain business model

we have a unique model for the research and development hence we are the best coin of 2018

Our Features

Advantage of the Project


Security System




With Arbitration

Development of CAREONchain Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2017

    (Q2 2017)

    Concept Development

    (Q3 2017)

    White paper and project concept approval

    (Q4 2017)

    Planning for Pre-ICO

  • 2018

    (Q1 2018)

    Development of website and Hybrid Blockchain

    (Q2 2018)

    Coins pre-sale to early-stage investors and public sale launch

    (Q3 2018)

    Coins will be unlocked and launch in some exchanges in future

    (Q4 2018)

    Alpha version of the CAREONchain Blockchain will start the execution

  • 2019

    (Q1 2019)

    Launch a website To develop a software and a website where all the research for hybrid technologies can be shared from throughout the world

    (Q2 2019)

    Launch of API Mainnet & Mobile App for Android/iOS

    (Q3 2019)

    Smart Contract Creation like Ethereum

Rounds of Sale of Coins


Bonus for Pre-Sale :

Time bonus Price
Week 1 50% $0.09
Week 2 40% $0.10
Week 3 30% $0.11
Week 4 20% $0.12

Bonus for ICO :

Time bonus Price
Week 1 50% $0.18
Week 2 45% $0.18
Week 3 40% $0.19
Week 4 35% $0.20
Week 5 30% $0.21
Week 6 25% $0.22
Week 7 20% $0.23
Week 8 15% $0.24

Distribution of Coins


Partnership & Early Adopters


Management Team


Board of Advisors


M&A Expansion & Buyback


Bounty, Referrals, Community Building


Pre-Sale & ICO

The issued coins will be distributed as follows:

Download WhitePaper

Coin Sale Details

Core Team


(Co-Founder & CEO)

Has a long historyl of success in online and offline business. An expert in bringing offline business online. Skilled in management, start-ups, leadership, business development, and business strategy.


(Full Stack Engineer & Product Development Manager)

Lead mechanical engineer with passion for new technology in field of automible sectors. His passion for its has led to the idea of applying the blockchain to solve problems research and development in automotive sectors. He is disrupting the automobile research and development market and making roads safer for all by trying to make whole world act as a research centre in for hybrid vehicle technology.

Amit Kumar

(Business development Advisor)

He has 6+ Year work experience.As an integral part of the Ericsson SRF Project Team responsible for - -- Interaction and discussion with clients and other stakeholders of projects

Raj Karmakar

(Advisor and IoT Solutions Engineer)

overall experience in IT fields, analysis, design and development in both Java-based and Ruby-based web and enterprise applications. Has 3 years of experience in creating and executing SEO strategy in automotive, blockchain and construction industry fields in germany.

Mark Brook


Researcher and Devlopment specialist . specialist IN automobile OPERATIONS FOR BUSINESS UNIT. Has key role in research and development work for many business unit and their program management.

Kunal S.C


Adequate knowledge regarding the relation with finance and other management arrays like marketing, sales support, procurement, human resources, logistics. Done extensive Researches on various measures of financial analyses. Have over years of experience and the capacity to adopt new concepts with due responsibilities. Maintenance of accurate financial records and ability to prepare clear and accurate reports for informational, auditing and operational use.



Sheo is an entrepreneur, social impact investor, humanist, philanthropist and online marketing pioneer, legendary for developing and patenting the double opt-in email methodology.successful in more than 10 other fields . experience in marketing and advertising with over 10 years in Automotive marketing

Ankit. MR


I am technologist to the very core and has dedicated a large part of his career to Blockchain tech . He has been involved with the blockchain ecosystem since the last 2 years experience . His passion for technology knows no bounds and that‟s what has gifted him with a vast cross - functional expertise ranging from writing Ethereum Solidity Dapps to deploying large scale Blockchain implementations .

Development & Marketing Team

Akshay R.

Development Team Lead

Pratik H.

SEO Team Lead

Aniruddha G.

Blockchain Developer

Rupali P.

Frontend Developer

Yaman T.

SEO Analyst

Suraj B.

SEO Analyst

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